[Swan-dev] Clearing the deck for the f28 switch ...

Paul Wouters paul at nohats.ca
Mon Jul 30 20:38:35 UTC 2018

On Sat, 28 Jul 2018, Andrew Cagney wrote:

>> Please don’t.
>> Some tests were put in wip when they shouldn’t have been are were neglected as a result.
> I don't follow.
> Surely any test that consistently fails is going to get ignored.

But less so when they dont appear anywhere whatsoever or are deleted.
Some tests were moved to WIP against my wishes :P

> Where the problem lies is when those failing tests are mixed in with
> tests that should pass.  Firtly, the test process is made needlessly
> slower, secondly, they add even more noise to the results making it
> even harder to find identify real failures.

I agree, but it all really depends on why the test is WIP.

>> We should only delete tests after confirming they don’t test anything useful anymore.
>> Some tests as wip pending code and should not be deleted
> I've not suggested deleting wip tests.  Just doing something with
> tests that do not even appear in TESTLIST.

Those that do not appear on TESTLIST should be checked why not. So who
put them in, do they have a directory they forgot to git add ?

I'm okay with notifying test owners of missing tests they have 1-2 weeks
to fix or the TESTLIST entry will be removed.

But I don't agree to the same for WIP tests that are in git :P

After this week, I would like to know what "we" are going to do. Bring
in more code changes first or migrate testing to f28 first. I'm still
confuses what "our" plan is. I'm still sitting on the TCP code pending


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