[Swan] dpd question

Kostya Vasilyev kman at fastmail.com
Fri Feb 1 17:41:30 UTC 2019


I've got a question about dpd.

Right now I see the following scenario with libreswan:

- If a remote connection goes away
- The server starts trying to connect (with increasing interval)
- The max interval is reached
- And then instead of deleting the connection (to which there never was a response) - the connection cycle starts over

"mytunnel" #24: STATE_MAIN_I1: retransmission; will wait 32 seconds for response
pending IPsec SA negotiation with "mytunnel" took too long -- replacing phase 1
"mytunnel" #21: STATE_MAIN_I1: 60 second timeout exceeded after 7 retransmits.  No response (or no acceptable response) to our first IKEv1 message
"mytunnel" #21: starting keying attempt 2 of an unlimited number
"mytunnel" #22: initiating Main Mode to replace #21
"mytunnel" #21: deleting state (STATE_MAIN_I1) and NOT sending notification
"mytunnel" #22: STATE_MAIN_I1: retransmission; will wait 0.5 seconds for response
"mytunnel" #22: STATE_MAIN_I1: retransmission; will wait 1 seconds for response

My .conf file includes these:


Why do connection attempts start over again (and the connection not cleared)?

Kostya Vasilyev
kman at fastmail.com

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