[Swan-dev] rename .st_msgid -> .st_v1_msgid or .v1st_msgid

Antony Antony antony at phenome.org
Thu Oct 18 17:54:57 UTC 2018

On Thu, Oct 18, 2018 at 11:00:26AM -0400, Andrew Cagney wrote:
> In IKEv2, at any point, two Message IDs are being juggled:
> - the ID of SA's last message request
> - the ID of SA's last message response
> hence, a single .st_msgid which can be traced back to IKEv1 isn't
> sufficient.   Instead IKEv2 should be using the fields:
>         /* message ID sequence for things we send (as initiator) */
>         msgid_t st_msgid_lastack;               /* last one peer
> acknowledged  - host order */
>         msgid_t st_msgid_nextuse;               /* next one to use -
> host order */
>         /* message ID sequence for things we receive (as responder) */
>         msgid_t st_msgid_lastrecv;             /* last one peer sent -
> Host order v2 only */
>         msgid_t st_msgid_lastreplied;         /* to decide retransmit

we are tracking 3. I wonder if we should track 4.

Initiating an exchange:

responding to an exchange

I think it would be nice to have 
st_v2_mstid_last_received /* received but not replied yet */

> Given this, I'm planning on renaming .st_msgid (and likely the above).
> Since we've settled on v[12]* as the name prefix convention several
> new names come to mind:
> - st_v1_msgid


> (PS: I've also a strong preference for sticking v2 somewhere in any
> v2-only thing as that way I know it isn't generic and may have to
> handle ikev1) 

my preference is use as first prefix or the second.

The one in md would become 
msgid_t v2_msgid_received ? 


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