[Swan-dev] Heads up, new intermediate domain: clone

Andrew Cagney andrew.cagney at gmail.com
Fri Jul 22 21:06:46 UTC 2016

I've now pushed this.

> Why?  There are several related reasons:
> - the only way to customize the test domains is to hack the global
> swanfedorabase
>   instead the per-prefix group *clone can be customized
> - if you screw up while hacking swanfedorabase then rebuilding it is
> frustratingly unreliable and slow
>   instead *clone can be rebuilt in seconds
> - installing stuff on the individual {*east,...} domains is equally painful
>   instead *clone has full access to /source and /testing and the internet
>   (installing libreswan on *clone and then creating {*east,...} is
> left as an exercise

For the moment, the effect can be had with (and yes, afterwards tests pass):

$ time make 'KVM_PREFIX="" a.' uninstall-kvm-test-domains
KVM_BUILD_DOMAIN=clone kvm-install-clone install-kvm-test-domains

If OBJDIR needs building:

real 1m56.433s
user 0m3.983s
sys 0m1.472s

and if OBJDIR is up-to-date:

real 0m58.336s
ser 0m2.737s
sys 0m1.100s

Contrast that with either of (OBJDIR was up-to-date):

$ time make "KVM_PREFIX='' a." kvm-uninstall kvm-install
real    5m24.477s
user    0m6.563s
sys    0m2.396s

$ time make "KVM_PREFIX='' a." -j4 kvm-install
real    2m44.922s
user    0m5.046s
sys    0m1.473s

once the dust has settled I'll likely switch kvm-install to use
something like this as the default.

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