[Swan-dev] Heads up, new intermediate domain: clone

Andrew Cagney andrew.cagney at gmail.com
Fri Jul 22 17:14:02 UTC 2016

Sometime, likely later today, I'm going to push a change to the kvm
test framework that adds an intermediate domain called "clone".
Unlike swanfedorabase, the clone can be unique to a KVM_PREFIX group
(strictly speaking $(firstword $(KVM_PREFIX))clone).

Currently things are set up as (<- denotes direction of qcow2 backing
store, * denotes kvm-prefixed domain):

  swanfedorabase <- {**east, ...}

After this change, the domains will be set up:

  swanfedorabase <- *clone <- {**east, ...}

"make kvm-uninstall" will wind things back to just:

  swanfedorabase <- *clone

and "make uninstall-kvm-clones" winds things back to:


a "make kvm-install" will, at any point, rebuild/install all the domains.

Why?  There are several related reasons:

- the only way to customize the test domains is to hack the global
  instead the per-prefix group *clone can be customized

- if you screw up while hacking swanfedorabase then rebuilding it is
frustratingly unreliable and slow
  instead *clone can be rebuilt in seconds

- installing stuff on the individual {*east,...} domains is equally painful
  instead *clone has full access to /source and /testing and the internet
  (installing libreswan on *clone and then creating {*east,...} is
left as an exercise for the reader

But what happens to my existing configuration?

If you already have domains and type "make kvm-install" then it should
create clone but otherwise leave things untouched vis:

  swanfedorabase <- {**east, ...}  -- unchanged
  swanfedorabase <- *clone

if, instead you're using "make check" et.al., nothing happens.


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