[Swan-dev] what should "make ; sudo make install" do (again)

Andrew Cagney andrew.cagney at gmail.com
Wed May 13 03:21:20 EEST 2015

First, as discussed on IRC, it turns out that the sequence:

  make programs ; sudo make install

is very much entrenched as a standard way to get everything installed.
Consequently, to avoid having "make install" build stuff, "make programs"
will need to build everything - it can't just build programs.  Effectively
"programs" and "all" are synonyms.

This means we're going to have to find a new target name for just build
programs/executable.  Candidates I've seen so far are:
  "make all-programs install-programs"
  "make programs-only install-programs"
  "make exec install-exec" ("install-exec" comes from automake)
preferences, or better suggestions :-)

I'll need to make both these changes simultaneously as otherwise "make
kvm-update" on VMs no xmlto will break.


Now, the follow-on question is, what should "make ; sudo make install" do?
Typical behaviour, whether we like it or not, is:

        -> builds everything, alias for "make all"

   sudo make install
        -> installs everything built above

with libreswan, its the same but different:

         -> prints a message telling to you run something else

    sudo make install
         -> since the above did nothing, build/install everything (except
modules) as root

Probably not exactly what was intended.  But, as also shown on IRC, it is
assumed to work.

Is it time to change "make" to build everything by default?

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