[Swan-dev] new test failures

D. Hugh Redelmeier hugh at mimosa.com
Fri Jul 24 08:28:44 EEST 2015

These are new failures in the last couple of days.

This one I caused and have now fixed (by a change to a reference

kvmplutotest interop-ikev2-racoon-02-psk-responder  good!=bad,west:ok,east:bad

I don't think that I caused these.  My best guess is that either
non-determinacy caused them, or commit
"pluto: find_next_host_connection returns NEVER_NEGOTIATE connections"

kvmplutotest	nflog-02-conn	good!=bad,west:bad,east:ok
kvmplutotest	newoe-08-restart	good!=bad,east:bad,road:bad
kvmplutotest	basic-pluto-12	good!=bad,west:bad,east:bad
kvmplutotest	l2tp-01	good!=bad,east:bad,north:bad

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