[Swan-dev] understanding output of the tests

D. Hugh Redelmeier hugh at mimosa.com
Wed Apr 2 07:10:38 EEST 2014

As a newbie, I find the test output unfamiliar and hard to make sense of.

Each test has a file descriptions.txt which is very helpful (of course they 
could not be improved).

It might be nice if the steps outlined in some of the descriptions.txt 
files were also interleaved as comments in the scripts.  That might help 
make the logs more self-descriptive and provide milestones.


Some prompts and commands don't seem to line up properly.  This would
seem to be a challenge to the integrity of the tests.  Here's an
example from my current run of basic-pluto-01:

 west #
- ipsec auto --up  westnet-eastnet
+ #ipsec auto --up  westnet-eastnet
+west #
+ ipsec whack --name westnet-eastnet --initiate
+002 "westnet-eastnet" #1: initiating Main Mode
 104 "westnet-eastnet" #1: STATE_MAIN_I1: initiate

BTW, how did whack appear?  Was the script changed?


BTW, there's a lot of AVC crud in my logs (I run with selinux in
Permissive mode).


In basic_pluto_02, the description.txt leaves me pretty confused about
what is supposed to happen.  I get a diff and cannot tell if it is
actually more or less correct than the reference logs.

On the other hand, my log ends without some commands that appear in
the original.  How can that happen?  It looks as if only half of the
the westrun.sh script was run.

How can I diagnose this?  The shell ended without anything showing up
in the log.

There isn't any conn loaded on east, I think.


westrun.sh ends with:
	echo done
Surely something like this would be better:
	echo "done westrun.sh"

It would let the reader get his bearings.  It would be a better anchor
for diffs too.


Since shell prompts are #, perhaps the scripts fed to expect should
use : for shell comments.  Then the two uses won't accidentally match

: for comments has a few risks.  Put ' ' around the body for safety.

	# ==== end ====
	: '==== end ===='

Commenting using : is done some places in the scripts.


dpd-01 and dpd-01-netkey don't make particular sense to me.  I cannot
tell if my system passed


pluto/algo-pluto-02: my run went on a lot longer than the reference.

[surely more to come: it is early days!]

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