[Swan] libreswan inside local network with NAT (left) - MacOS roadwarrior (right)

Rodrigo Gruppelli grupis at gmail.com
Thu Oct 27 17:07:25 EEST 2022


I would like to know if it’s possible to achieve this kind of setup:

On the left side, there is my local network (

- The libreswan server is inside this network (IP 
- The provider's router local IP is and its external IP is valid but dynamic
- I use No-IP.org for dynamic DNS bindings
- I can tweak configuration inside provider’s router, to redirect external TCP/UDP ports to machines inside

On the right side, I’d like to be able to establish a tunnel with my local network, wherever I am in the world, using a macbook, acessing whatever machine inside my local network.

Is it possible to build a setup like this? What do I need to configure in ipsec.conf ? 


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