[Swan] IPv6 Question

Paul Wouters paul at nohats.ca
Wed Jul 13 18:43:41 EEST 2022

On Wed, 13 Jul 2022, Mirsad Goran Todorovac wrote:

> There seems to be a gotcha here: Windows 10 VPN client attempts to connect to 
> port 4500 (nat-t-ike):
> 16:29:26.860159 IP6 (flowlabel 0xd2a37, hlim 128, next-header UDP (17) 
> payload length: 1264) 2001:b68:2:2600::51.4500 > 2001:b68:2:2600::3.4500: 
> [udp sum ok] NONESP-encap: isakmp 2.0 msgid 00000001 cookie 
> 9db4ab32a688a0c0->bbedac47611d87f2: child_sa  ikev2_auth[I]:
>     (#53) [|v2IDi]

That makes sense. It detected NAT so it has to switch to use port 4500.

> And here you say you do not listen on 4500: 
> https://lists.libreswan.org/pipermail/swan/2018/002487.html

Ohh, you are NATed on IPv6? I am not sure if we support that.
Ignore that older message of me. Please ensure udp port 4500
on the libreswan server is reachable from the internet.


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