[Swan] VPN server for multiple clients with fixed IPs

Paul Wouters paul at nohats.ca
Sat Apr 9 04:20:16 EEST 2022

On Thu, 31 Mar 2022, Brady Johnson wrote:

> I would like to do "VPN server for remote clients using IKEv2" [0] for multiple clients, but with fixed client IPs. Currently I set the
> "rightsubnet=", but I would prefer to be able to specify a different rightsubnet for each client, is this possible?
> I tried with the configurations below, and get this error in the pluto.log:
>     Mar 31 03:52:48.471606: "vpn_server_tunnel"[2] #6: cannot route -- route already in use for "vpn_server_tunnel"[1]

I'm a little confused because there is a left/right on both server
config and client config.

If you want the server to give out different subnets to different
clients, specify these with rightid= and rightsubnet= on the server
in seperate conns, and match them on the client.

> VPN server config:
> conn vpn_server_tunnel
>     left=
>     leftid=@vpnserver08.lab.com
>     leftsubnet=
>     leftrsasigkey=%cert
>     leftcert=vpnserver08.lab.com
>     leftsendcert=always
>     right=%any
>     rightrsasigkey=%cert
>     rightid=%fromcert
>     rightca=%same
>     rightsubnet=

So here you would want to use e.g. rightid=@client1 and rightsubnet=X.0.0.0/24

Then in vpn_server_tunnel_client2, you can use: rightid=@client2 and rightsubnet=Y.0.0.0/24


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