[Swan] pam_open_session(3) Re: SUCCESS Re: NEW PROBLEM Re: IKEv2 PAM auth failure - how it's done properly?

Mirsad Goran Todorovac mirsad.todorovac at alu.hr
Wed Jan 26 16:45:02 EET 2022

Hi Paul,

I did some research. It may be impossible to log IKEv2 sessions in utmp 
and wtmp, for libreswan doesn't appear to be calling pam_open_session(3) 
after authenticating the certificate and the user and 
pam_close_session(3) after the connection is severed.

I am not confident enough to attempt to add the session management calls 
to the libreswan source, or not yet :-)

And leaving it the utmp entry to linger forever upon the breakup of the 
connection doesn't seem prudent, so I'll think I'll take a break at this 
point and "stand on the ball".

Tell me, did I miss something, or is the utmp/wtmp connection logging 
entirely impossible withing the current libreswan framework?
I would like to have some handy connection logging apart from 
/var/log/pluto.log ...


Kind regards,

On 1/25/2022 9:36 PM, Mirsad Goran Todorovac wrote:
> Is there a particular reason why you switched from the POST URL 
> request to a GET one? AFAIK, GET used to be less safe as it encoded 
> password in URL which might be visible in some web server logs ... Any 
> idea why you did that? :-/
> I thought that your idea of using a CN=username at hostname,O=myorg.tld 
> convention is a good one, but I would have to reissue all of the 
> certificates, and my current system already works partially deployed. 
> (Only to the testing people, of course ...).
> What I was actually looking for is a means to get username from the 
> script (and it seems to allow only OK or ACCESS DENIED), or should I 
> call getpwnam() from PHP. But it didn't seem right to modify utmp from 
> PHP, did it? That breaks modularity paradigm IMHO ... Still looking 
> for a way to do things "kosher" way ... :-)
> On 1/25/2022 4:24 AM, Paul Wouters wrote:
>> On Mon, 24 Jan 2022, Mirsad Goran Todorovac wrote:
>>> I can publish a patch diff. I have really made very small 
>>> modifications. A couple of lines.
>>> I would also want to map certificate subject lines to unix 
>>> usernames, put the user into utmp and display the connected user 
>>> with `w`
>>> or `who` commands. But I'm not sure how it's done yet.
>> Attached is what I had gobbled together to pull IDs from certificates 
>> inside pam_url for IKEv2.
>>> Maybe I should think of forking pam_url and supplying a Debian .deb 
>>> package, since only .rpm exists in the wild?
>> I don't think it is well maintained or active upstream?
>>> pam-authenticate is a very practical method of access control. I 
>>> would like to clear the doubts that it decreased the security of
>>> IKEv2 VPN, and that it is unprofessional, because pam_url calls a 
>>> cgi-bin script in .php over a TLSv1.3 connection.
>> It still beats 10 round trips of EAPTLS on Windows :)
>> Paul
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