[Swan] Issue with site-to-site VPN to pfSense

Chris Adams linux at cmadams.net
Wed Oct 6 14:10:00 UTC 2021

Once upon a time, Paul Wouters <paul at nohats.ca> said:
> >There are 2 subnets on my end and 4 on the remote, so there are 8
> >connections total.  They'll connect okay, but traffic isn't passing on
> >most of them.  What's weird is that when I look at "ipsec trafficstatus"
> >it looks like my test pings are going out the right connection, but the
> >responses are coming back in a different one (associated with a
> >different subnet on my end).
> There was a connection switching bug that could cause this when you had
> mismatched subnets between the two endpoints. This was fixed in
> libreswan 4.5. But a workaround is to ensure you _exactly_ match up
> the subnets between the two endpoints.

I believe all the subnets match (the remote admin sent me screenshots of
the pfSense config and they all look correct).

> >/proc/net/xfrm_stat shows XfrmInTmplMismatch incrementing (which I don't
> >find many Google references to, but would seem to match my thought that
> >the remote site is sending packets on the "wrong" connection).  If I run
> >tcpdump on WAN interface, I see the ICMP echo replies from the remote,
> >so it appears the packets are being received and decrypted (both sides
> >are RFC1918 space so they're not coming across the Internet), but then
> >dropped?  It doesn't appear to be firewall related (the remote subnets
> >are in the local firewalld "trust" zone, plus I turned on firewalld's
> >log-denied and there weren't drops logged).
> another issue _could_ be that the remote end is actually NATing the ICMP
> and the NATed source IP matches that different subnet?

There's no NAT on either end for this either.
Chris Adams <linux at cmadams.net>

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