[Swan] Ipsec connections getting stale frequently

Marideva SHM mari_deva at outlook.com
Tue Sep 21 08:32:29 UTC 2021

Hi Team,

We have 45 active IPSec connections in our machine. Frequently we observe couple of ipsec connections getting stale. We have to restart the IPsec to get the connections back and working properly.

Is there any solution or workaround for this issue? Please update, if any.

Version : libreswan-3.25-1.el6_9.x86_64.
Total IPsec connections: loaded 58, active 45

000 #2: "autotestvpn_1f5cc8/1x1":4500 STATE_MAIN_I4 (ISAKMP SA
established); EVENT_SA_REPLACE in 2796s; newest ISAKMP; lastdpd=1s(seq
in:0 out:0); idle; import:admin initiate 000 #15:
"autotestvpn_1f5cc8/1x1":4500 STATE_QUICK_I2 (sent QI2, IPsec SA
established); EVENT_SA_REPLACE in 41314s; newest IPSEC; eroute owner;
 isakmp#2; idle; import:admin initiate


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