[Swan] Unable to connect from localhost

Gabriele Panfilo gabry.panfilo at gmail.com
Sat Jan 9 22:03:38 UTC 2021

Hello, I am using a program to overcome NAT in passive connection because I
have an lte router.
This program is like a proxy where the last node resides where the ipsec
server is also located so for the ipsec server I connect from localhost.
My need is that I need the ipsec server to accept the client coming from
the interface "lo" and "wlan0"
Is there a way to do this?
Thanks for a possible answer.
"packet from initial Main Mode message received but no
connection has been authorized with policy PSK + IKEV1_ALLOW"
If I change the left parameter in ipsec.conf with %lo it tells me:
"ABORT: ASSERTION FAILED: version <elemsof (ip_types) (in ip_version_info
() at ip_info.c: 126)"
"EXPECTATION FAILED: found_ ||! (1) (in delete_oriented_hp () at
hostpair.c: 341)"
"both sides of" l2tp-psk "[2] are our interface lo!"

Gabriele Panfilo
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