[Swan] Trigger for tunnel status change

rene.neumann at zpesystems.com rene.neumann at zpesystems.com
Wed Apr 8 13:17:10 UTC 2020


I have a stupid question but exist there a trigger which would indicate a status change in the tunnel, for example, the tunnel went up or down? I played with the leftupdown option but found that this only triggers when you actually bring the tunnel up or down, but not when the tunnel actually goes up or down.
What I mean here is that when I have a connection with the start mode add and the remote site is then starting the connection the script will not trigger and the same is true for when the tunnel goes down?

The reason I need this is that I have to do some cleaning up on the routing and vti interfaces depending on the tunnel state. I know that this is not port of libreswan and dont mind doing it out site, but run into that issue.

Thanks for your input.


Rene Neumann

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