[Swan] OSX - SAN not recognized on firewall cert

Computerisms Corporation bob at computerisms.ca
Fri Mar 27 05:51:44 UTC 2020

Hi Gurus,

I have been spinning my wheels on all day, maybe by sending this to the 
list I will get an epiphany, or if not hopefully someone has some input.

have a firewall running v3.29, windows clients are connecting fine, 
generated mobileconfigs are installing on the OSX clients and appear to 
have all the correct details.  But when I connect with OSX (tested on 
multiple machines using multiple mobileconfigs), the logs tell me the 
cert has no matching SAN:

Mar 26 21:25:50 doorlian pluto[16012]: "rw-ikev2"[6] 
#720: No matching subjectAltName found for 'firewall.ctfn.ca'
Mar 26 21:25:50 doorlian pluto[16012]: "rw-ikev2"[6] 
#720: certificate does not contain subjectAltName=firewall.ctfn.ca
Mar 26 21:25:50 doorlian pluto[16012]: "rw-ikev2"[6] 
#720: Peer public key SubjectAltName does not match peer ID for this 
Mar 26 21:25:50 doorlian pluto[16012]: "rw-ikev2"[6] 
#720: IKEv2 mode peer ID is ID_FQDN: '@firewall.ctfn.ca'
Mar 26 21:25:50 doorlian pluto[16012]: "rw-ikev2"[6] 
#720: Signature check (on @firewall.ctfn.ca) failed (wrong key?); tried 
Mar 26 21:25:50 doorlian pluto[16012]: "rw-ikev2"[6] 
#720: RSA authentication of I2 Auth Payload failed
Mar 26 21:25:50 doorlian pluto[16012]: "rw-ikev2"[6] 
#720: responding to IKE_AUTH message (ID 1) from 
with encrypted notification AUTHENTICATION_FAILED
Mar 26 21:25:50 doorlian pluto[16012]: "rw-ikev2"[6] 
#720: deleting state (STATE_PARENT_R1) aged 0.171s and NOT sending 

I am not really clear which cert it is talking about, I would expect it 
to be logging info about the cert on OSX, but the cert name is 
appropriate for the firewall, and it does have a matching SAN:

certutil -L -n firewall.ctfn.ca -d sql:/etc/ipsec.d
             Name: Certificate Subject Alt Name
             DNS name: "firewall.ctfn.ca"

             Name: Certificate Key Usage
             Usages: Digital Signature
                     Key Encipherment

             Name: Extended Key Usage
                 TLS Web Server Authentication Certificate

and I am reasonably certain I am using the correct settings in the conn:

On another firewall also running 3.29, I have OSX and windows clients 
connecting fine; I have carefully compared all the configs and 
certificates and the details seem to be consistent.  Clearly I have 
overlooked something, wondering if anyone has an idea what it is?

Bob Miller
Cell: 867-334-7117
Office: 867-633-3760
Office: 867-322-0362

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