[Swan] converting to use NAT traversal

Alex mysqlstudent at gmail.com
Sun Jan 5 15:44:01 UTC 2020


> > I've made a few changes, but it still appears to be failing. From
> > wyckoff (right side):
> > Jan  5 08:53:35.989421: "orion-wyckoff/1x1": We cannot identify
> > ourselves with either end of this connection. or
> > are not usable
> If both ends are behind NAT, you have to make the change I mentioned on both ends specific for that end. The local (left) part MUST be %defaultroute
> or an IP/DNS that refers to a local IP present on the machine and not it’s “going to be NATed to IP/DNS”

No, both ends are not behind NAT - only wyckoff ( Its
actual IP is the The left side (orion, has
a public static IP and I've set it to be that IP.

That now makes sense. The right side (wyckoff) doesn't know that its
public IP is the, so I've set it to %defaultroute, and it
appears to now be working.

Thanks so much.

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