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Raees Khan raeeskhan.ca at gmail.com
Fri Oct 4 14:14:54 UTC 2019


I am using Libreswan IPSec VPN in transport mode. (L2tpv3 over IPSec). We
see a lag in one of our applications running between sites. Normally, it is
16 to 20 ms. however, *every 7:45* it shows some lag / delay in application
upto 400ms.

We tested the performance of this connection. The communication delay (from
end device to end device). During these tests we recognized a significant
delay about every 7h 45min of 190 ms to 700 ms . After checking router
config and logs *we assumed the SA key exchange is responsible for the
delay. *The SA lifetime was configured to 8h. After changing the lifetime
to 1h the delay occurred about every 45 min.

This could be the CPU or Libreswan could be optimized to avoid this issue ?

Any help would highly be appreciated.

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