[Swan] Compiling version 3.29 on CentOS 6 fails

Tomas France tomfra at centrum.cz
Wed Aug 28 21:38:09 UTC 2019

Yes, that worked, thanks!


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On Wed, 28 Aug 2019 23:26:38 +0200
"Tomas France" <tomfra at centrum.cz> wrote:

> Thanks! The repo was for CentOS 7 but I was able to install this RPM:

libreswan-release should work for 6 and 7.

> However, now it seems I am unable to connect while version 3.15
> connected, I get this error:
> initial Main Mode message received on xxxx:500 but no connection has
> been authorized with policy PSK+IKEV1_ALLOW
> I suppose the config files changed? Anyway, will play with it for a
> while, thanks again!

3.29 defaults to ikev2 so you want ikev2=no in your config for

Reading CHANGES might be a good idea when jumping version that much.

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