[Swan] Importing keypairs from keytool

Sowmini Varadhan sowmini.varadhan at oracle.com
Thu Aug 18 19:09:38 UTC 2016

On (08/18/16 08:02), Sowmini Varadhan wrote:
> Thanks in advance for hints,

fwiw, I later noticed that I was missing the entry

: RSA "bds"

in  my /etc/ipsec.d/ipsec.secrets. After adding that on each side, 
the auth failure error goes away from the tcpdump trace; however tunnels
are still not activated.

I've tried doing

 right#  pk12util -i my.pkcs12  -d /etc/ipsec.d

to avoid the "sql:*" prefix, does not help. 
Feels like I'm really close to getting this to work, but am missing
some config step. 


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