[Swan] Windows IKEv2 Error 809

Paul Wouters paul at nohats.ca
Fri Jun 3 02:17:23 UTC 2016

On Thu, 26 May 2016, Tom Robinson wrote:

> I've analysed the packets for both connections (remember; one connection is old and works and the
> other is new and fails).
> On the old connection the IKE_AUTH packet from the client gets fragmented into three and then
> reassembled. It's 3296 bytes on reassembly. The server responds with IKE_AUTH and the connection
> comes up without any further fragmentation. At this stage I see lots of ESP packets coming to and fro.
> On the new connection the IKE_AUTH progresses in the same way as for the old connection (packet from
> the client gets fragmented into three and then reassembled. It's also 3296 bytes). The server
> responds with IKE_AUTH four times but the client seems to ignore it and resends another IKE_AUTH
> packet instead.

So the 3 IKE packets containing fragments is re-assembled but then
dropped? Can you run with plutodebug=all, and show the logs from the
moment you see "Received xxxx bytes from aa.bb.cc.dd" for the first
packet containing an IKE fragment.

> This packet gets fragmented as before. After packet reassembly, the server then
> responds with IKE_SA_INIT.

That might be a seperate bug. Some older versions of libreswan sending
errors with NOTIFY payloads mistakenly used IKE_INIT instead of
IKE_AUTH. So the fact that you see more IKE_AUTH packets might just
mean you are seeing the smae NOTIFY errors, but this time properly
replied to. Basically, an IKE_AUTH request may only result in an
IKE_AUTH answer and not an IKE_INIT answer.

It would be useful to see the plutodebug=all logs.


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