[Swan] 3.17 debian package

Bentzy Sagiv bentzy at fortycloud.com
Wed Apr 6 06:20:14 UTC 2016

After looking at https://libreswan.org/wiki/3.14_on_Debian_Wheezy
I've tried(on trusty):

apt-get update
apt-get install --yes --force-yes autotools-dev bison build-essential bzip2
debconf-utils debhelper debhelper dpatch dpkg-dev flex git htmldoc iproute
less libcurl3-nss libcurl4-openssl-dev libevent-dev libgmp3-dev libkrb5-dev
libldap2-dev libnspr4 libnspr4-0d libnss3 libnss3-tools libpam0g-dev
libsqlite3-dev libssl-dev libunbound-dev man2html pkg-config po-debconf
screen ubuntu-dev-tools xmlto zlib1g-dev
git clone https://github.com/libreswan/libreswan
cd libreswan
make deb

I got:
Perhaps you should add the directory containing `nss.pc'
debuild: fatal error at line 1364:
make: *** [deb] Error 29

Any hints?

Thanks in advance

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