[Swan] pluto doesn't reread certfificates

Peter Bendel peter_bendel at de.ibm.com
Mon Sep 14 11:29:49 UTC 2015

Hi all,

Certificates have a validity and expire when the validity is expired.

Thus in a production IPsec implementation it is necessary to replace the
certificates close to the expiration date.

For production servers it is a problem if ipsec service needs to be
restarted to pick up new certificates from the
nss database.

In the following two topics it is mentioned that it is a current limitation
that to re-read the NSS SQlite db the
ipsec service needs to be restarted.


It was mentioned by Paul that Matt is working on a solution (Oct. 2014).
However I didn't find any mention in the changelog that this limitation is
already adressed.

Are there plans to fix/change this in the near future ?
Can I somehow help ?

Peter Bendel, IBM
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