[Swan] [Swan-announce] Libreswan 3.14 released

The Libreswan Project team at libreswan.org
Wed Aug 12 11:46:24 UTC 2015

The Libreswan Project has released libreswan-3.14

This is a major feature and bugfix release. Upgrade with caution.

Support for two new RFC's was added, RFC 7383 IKEv2 Fragmentation
(fragmentation=|yes|no|force) and RFC 7619 IKEv2 Auth Null (authby=null,
leftid=%null). Support was added to IKEv2 to request confirmation
of a remote id (rightid=) using PAM via pam-authorize=yes|no. OCSP
support was re-added using the new keywords ocsp_enable= ocsp_strict=
ocsp_timeout= ocsp_uri= and ocsp_trust_name=. The IKE daemon now
uses libevent-2 and retransmission timers have been reduced from 20
seconds to 0.5 seconds (tunable by the new options retransmit-timeout=
and retransmit-interval=. A new binary "cavs" was added that can be
used to run NIST CAVS tests for FIPS validation (it is not required to
run libreswan). Various RFC test vectors were added and are run during
libreswan startup to confirm proper functioning of libreswan and the NSS
crypto library. FIPS algorithm restrictions are now enforced when running
on a FIPS enabled system. The last remnants of the weary FreeS/WAN X.509
code were replaced with native NSS functions (requiring at least NSS 3.16)
The logging options were renamed to the more logical logfile= and logtime=
and extended with logappend=yes|no - the old option names still work
for backward compatibility. The ipsec whack command was extended with a
few more options (--globalstatus --shuntstatus --purgeocsp --ddos-busy
--ddos-auto --ddos-unlimited and --deleteid) The ipsec command was
extended with --checknss which is run on startup to migrate the old NSS db
format to the new NSS sql format and with --checknflog to support adding
nflog pseudo-interfacaes for tcpdump (see also the per-conn nflog= option)

Additionally, many bugfixes and a few memory leaks were fixed, including
full INVALID_KE support, improved CERTREQ support, and improved error
handling on the IKEv2 Initial Exchanges. Interoperability with Windows,
SecureInside and iOS were improved via various fixes.

You can download libreswan via https at:


or via ftp at:


The full changelog is available at:

Please report bugs either via one of the mailinglists or at our bug tracker:


Binary packages for RHEL/EPEL and Debian/Ubuntu can be found at
(you can also take the source and issue "make deb")

Binary packages for Fedora can be found in the respective fedora

See also https://libreswan.org/

v3.14 (August 11, 2015)
* NSS: Major rewrite of PRF / PRFPLUS / integrity functions for FIPS [Andrew]
* FIPS: Added programs/pluto/cavp for NIST CVAS testing [Andrew]
* IKEv2: RFC 7383 IKEv2 Fragmentation support [Herbert/Hugh]
* IKEv2: RFC 7619 Auth Null support (authby=null) [Paul/Antony/Hugh]
* IKEv2: RFC 7619 ID Null support (leftid=%null) [Paul/Antony/Hugh]
* IKEv2: whack and smc related time out fixes [Antony]
* IKEv2: rekey, expire, delete refactoring and fixes [Antony]
* IKEv2: do not pad IKE messages (fix interop w. InsideSecure) [Paul]
* IKEv2: Fix esp=camellia to use the IKEv2 IANA registry number for ESP [Paul]
* IKEv2: Fix memory leaks in addresspool and child exchange sadb [Antony]
* IKEv2: Support for INVALID_KE DH group re-transmits [Paul/Hugh]
* IKEv2: if applicable, add CERTREQ payload to IKE_SA_INIT response [Antony]
* IKEv2: Various memory leak fixes [Hugh]
* IKEv2: Delete parent/child SA when IPsec SA expires due inactivity [Antony]
* IKEv2: Added pam-authorize= (default no) for userid verification [Antony]
* IKEv2: Informational exchange did not always update msgid counters [Paul]
* IKEv2: Don't send v2N_INVALID_MSGID in response to duplicate IKE_INIT packet
* IKEv2: Time all crypto operations, not just DH IKEv2 [Antony]
* IKEv2: reduce leaks involving sa_v2_convert [Hugh]
* IKEv2: eliminate leaks of st_tpacket [Hugh]
* IKEv2: fix send certreq [Antony]
* IKEv2: find_host_connection now checks RSA, PSK and NULL one by one [Antony]
* IKEv1: Don't copy isakmp_sa from received packet [Paul]
* IKEv1: Do not retransmit forever [Antony/Herbert]
* FIPS: Enforce crypto restrictions in FIPS mode (no md5,twofish, etc) [Paul]
* XAUTH: retransmit user/password request in 10s (instead of 30s) [Wolfgang]
* X509: Re-added CRL and OCSP support using NSS [Matt]
* X509: Expired certificate could crash pluto [Wolfgang]
* x509: New options: ocsp_enable= ocsp_strict= ocsp_timeout= [Matt]
         ocsp_uri= and ocsp_trust_name=
* pluto: Converted select() loop to use libevent and subsecond timers [Antony]
* pluto: unroute IPSEC SA instead of hold, if oppo and CK_INSTANCE [Antony]
* pluto: Added --impair-send-no-ikev2-auth and --impair-force-fips [Paul]
* pluto: Added retransmit-timeout= (default 60s) [Antony]
* pluto: Added retransmit-interval= in ms (default 500) [Antony]
* pluto: Greatly reduce time to retransmit from 20s to 0.5s [Antony]
* pluto: Support for IKEv2 AES_CTR (ike=aes_ctr) [Andrew Cagney]
* pluto: Support for CBC/CTR test vectors using NSS [Andrew Cagney]
* pluto: Remove last weary old FreeS/WAN X.509 code and use NSS instead [Matt]
* pluto: Static IP support using passwd file with addresspool= [Wolfgang]
* pluto: major tidy of labeled ipsec code [Hugh]
* pluto: fixes for uninitialized fields in output struct [Hugh/Paul]
* pluto: audit format and log item update as per audit spec [Paul]
* pluto: simplify and clarify sa_copy_sa and friends [Hugh]
* pluto: small steps improving crypto helpers [Hugh]
* pluto: plutostderrlog= renamed to logfile= [Paul]
* pluto: plutostderrlogtime= renamed to logtime= [Paul]
* pluto: New option logappend=yes|no (default yes) [Paul]
* pluto: Removed obsoleted loopback= support [Paul]
* pluto: advanced state counting (anon,auth,halfopen,child) [Paul/Andrew/Hugh]
          (see ipsec whack --globalstatus)
* pluto/rsasigkey: added --seedbits option (and seedbits= option) [Paul]
* pluto: do not terminate_connection() in-flight [Hugh]
* pluto: don't use an expired reserved kernel SPI as fallback [Herbert Xu]
* pluto: Use "third best" monotime() on mismatched kernel/glibc headers [Paul]
* pluto: removed bool inbound_only from delete_ipsec_sa() [Paul/Herbert]
* pluto: fix modecfg client/server status display (was swapped) [Herbert]
* pluto: Global NFLOG support via nflog-all= keyword (default off) [Paul]
* pluto: Per-conn NFLOG support via nflog= keyword (default off) [Paul]
* pluto: Reduce default logging for unknown/halfopen/opportunistic SA's [Paul]
* pluto: Fix bogus "no RSA public key known for '%fromcert'" [Herbert Xu]
* pluto: exclude ike/esp options from %default for never-negotiate conns [Paul]
* pluto: added xfrmlifetime= (default 300) to customise NETKEY acquires [Paul]
* pluto: added shuntlifetime= (default 15m) for bare shunts [Paul]
* pluto: added negotiationshunt= (default hold) [Paul]
* pluto: Obsoleted force-busy= for ddos-mode= [Paul]
* pluto: Added config setup keyword ddos-mode= (default auto) [Paul]
* pluto: Added config setup keyword ddos-ike-treshold= (default 25000) [Paul]
* pluto: Added config setup keyword max-halfopen-ike= (default 50000) [Paul]
* pluto: route_owner() don't passert on changed interface [Paul]
* pluto: Remove DNSSEC DLV support (DLV is decommissioned) [paul]
* pluto: Support for unbound < 1.4.21 [Tony Whyman]
* libipsecconf: Improve parser for pipe case (with NM) [Hugh/Lubomir Rintel]
* libcrypto/twofish: Fix CALC_SB_* macros [Lubomir Rintel]
* readwriteconf: improve error handling [Hugh]
* ipsec: ipsec --import does not need to run restorecon [Paul]
* ipsec: --checknss option automatically updates NSS DB to SQL [Matt]
* ipsec: --checknflog option installs nflog-group= iptables rules [Paul]
* rsasigkey: Rename --random to --seeddev [Paul]
* packaging: Various SPEC file fixes and Buildrequire: updates [Tuomo/Kim]
* packaging: Add v6neighbour-hole.conf for Neighbour Discovery hole [Paul]
* initsystems: run ipsec --checknss before start [Tuomo]
* building: overhaul of build system Makefiles (see mk/) [Andrew]
* testing: docker test type support [Antony]
* testing: test case updates/additions [Antony/Paul/Andrew/Matt]
* testing: more FIPS support and --imapir-force-fips option added [Paul]
* NETKEY: Fix bare shunt management code to work properly for NETKEY [Paul/Hugh/Antony]
* NETKEY: Increase netlink message buffer for larger SElinux labels [Paul]
* NETKEY: kernel netlink decode and log polixy expire message [Antony]
* KLIPS: move udp_encap_enable() to not be within spinlock [Wolfgang]
* KLIPS: ipsec_rcv_decap_ipip broken for IPv6 lsb#227 [Frank Schmirler]
* KLIPS: Support for SHA2 via CryptoAPI [Wolfgang]
* KLIPS: Support for sha2_truncbug [Wolfgang]
* whack: New ipsec whack --purgeocsp [Matt]
* whack: New ipsec whack --ddos-busy | --ddos-auto | --ddos-unlimited [Paul]
* whack: New ipsec whack --globalstatus [Paul]
* whack: New ipsec whack --shuntstatus [Paul]
* whack: New ipsec whack --deleteid --name <id> [Antony]
* whack: cleanup help text [Tuomo]
* _stackmanager: Don't load blacklisted modules (rhbz#1207689) [Paul/Tuomo]
* _stackmanager: Support for xfrmlifetime= ipsec.conf option [Paul]
* _updown: add proxy arp for cases where routing won't work [Tuomo/Wolfgang]
* Bugtracker bugs fixed:
   #260: libswan: extra safetey around same_id() when ID_FROMCERT is used [Paul]
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