[Swan] Error ”cannot install eroute” when rekey/reconnect from the same IP (for L2TP)

Bob Miller bob at computerisms.ca
Sat May 9 00:22:51 EEST 2015

Hi Paul,

>>>> The only client I know that does not support that without third party
>>>> clients is WinXP.
>> I am looking for documentation on how to setup xauth without a 3rd
>> party client in windows 7/8, but everything I come across says still
>> need the shrewsoft client.  Am I missing something?
> I think for Win7 and up, the only native support is IKEv2.
> You can configure libreswan with both an ikev2 and an ikev1-xauth
> connection if you want to support both Win7 and say iOS.
> Tuomo (or Antony) might have some screenshots or instructions on how to
> configure win7 using Machine Certificate (no EAP) that we should add to
> the wiki

Most excellent, looking forward  to that.  Thanks again, as always, for 
sharing your unbounded wealth of knowledge...

> :)
> Paul

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