[Swan] libreswan on amazon web services to remote libreswan installation

Aaron hawaiiaaron at gmail.com
Thu Mar 5 19:54:26 EET 2015

Hi, I'm looking to install libreswan on amazon web services and connect it
to a remote installation of libreswan.  I have it working in a subnet on
amazon web services between two instances, but not to a remote location.
I'm using NSS x509 keys not PSK.  I'm using a single network interface for
my connections.  Anyone know of a working solution or have tips?  A few
questions.  If I have a left=remoteip and right=awsip do I need a leftid
and rightid defined as leftid at remoteip and right=@awsip ?

I see this guide here https://libreswan.org/wiki/Interoperability  but it
doesn't use NSS certs.

Thanks, Aaron
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