[Swan-dev] XFRM IP ref-counting testing PR

Brady Johnson bradyjoh at redhat.com
Thu Jul 20 18:07:10 EEST 2023


I submit several patch sets to my XFRM IP ref-counting PR [0] in the past
few days. I fixed the assert/segfault that Antony reported on the PR, plus
several other fixes and improvements.

I created a slide [1] explaining the manual testing I have performed.

Can I get a code review of the PR, please.

I tried running the ikev2-xfrmi-15-interface-ip test that Antony created,
but it failed and there were lots and lots of differences.
But I still get failures when I run the basic tests like basic-pluto-01 on
the main branch with Fedora-38, so maybe there are problems with the test

Here are the basic-pluto-01 errors I get on git main:

$ more west.console.diff
--- west.console.txt 2023-07-20 14:40:01.926847087 +0000
+++ OUTPUT/west.console.txt 2023-07-20 14:51:24.049038460 +0000
@@ -209,8 +209,8 @@
 iptables filter TABLE
 Chain INPUT (policy ACCEPT)
 target     prot opt source               destination
-ACCEPT     all  --              policy match
dir in pol ipsec
-DROP       all  --
+ACCEPT     0    --              policy match
dir in pol ipsec
+DROP       0    --

[0] https://github.com/libreswan/libreswan/pull/1191

*Brady Johnson*
Principal Software Engineer
Telco Solutions & Enablement
brady.johnson at redhat.com
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