[Swan-dev] error

Antony Antony antony at phenome.org
Wed Sep 14 20:08:13 EEST 2022

antony, check the pexpect in 

kernel: kernel_process_msg_cb() process xfrm message
kernel: netlink_get: XFRM_MSG_EXPIRE message with legth 248
netlink_kernel_sa_expire spi 0x17ab1391 src dst soft mode 1 proto 50 bytes 1428 packets 17
FOR_EACH_STATE_... in (find_v2_child_sa_by_spi() +1772 /programs/pluto/state.c) found "west" #2

v2 CHILD SA #2 found using their our SPI, in STATE_V2_ESTABLISHED_CHILD_SA
west": Received soft EXPIRE for SPI 0x17ab1391 bytes 1428 packets 17 for the newest SA rekey=yes.. Replace this SA

FAILED: p2->add_time == add_time (set_sa_info() 3343 /programs/pluto/kernel.c)

This pexpect "should" not hit. I will take look and try to figure it out why .

May be I will add some more log/dbg lines to figure out what is going on.  
Or we could add "ip x m" to the test case. That would give the value of add_time.

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