[Swan-dev] heads up, the great spd scramble

Andrew Cagney andrew.cagney at gmail.com
Mon Oct 31 03:40:11 EET 2022

> > - spd.this -> spd.local + spd.that -> spd.remote
> > because this and that get used to refer to either end

Here's something concrete:
                src = &spd->remote;
                dst = &spd->local;

> The idea of this/that was that it was not always already clear
> which end we were. As in, we do not know yet whether "this" will
> become us or them. This might have changed now based on newer
> addconn and resolve_defaultroute stuff. But I think that's where
> the origin of this is. Maybe Hugh knows more :)

Yea, orient was swapping the contents of this/that, so that often
"this" really did mean local.
We do still have code, such as for logging a connection end, which
flips parameter order, and where non-committal this/that do work
(especially when this/that doesn't sometimes imply local/remote).

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