[Swan-dev] Create multi encryption domain through ipsec whack commands

Uday Raj mailme.linuz at rediffmail.com
Mon Oct 3 10:26:19 EEST 2022

Hello team, 

I am creating a multi encryption domain in ipsec via the below command. But the command is throwing error ? 
Could you please let me know how to create a MED in ipsec via whack commands.

Command:/usr/ipsec whack --name T.NORG --encrypt --tunnel --pfs --delete  --psk  \
    --host --client --id \
    --updown "ipsec _updown" \
    --to \
    --host --client {,} --id \
    --updown "ipsec _updown" \
    --ike "aes192,3des" --esp "aes192,3des" \
    --ikelifetime 3600 \
    --ipseclifetime 28800 --rekeywindow 540 --keyingtries 10 --ikev1-allow/sbin

Thanks in Advance
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