[Swan-dev] large numbers in libreswan conf files

D. Hugh Redelmeier hugh at mimosa.com
Wed Aug 31 05:30:47 EEST 2022

All numbers in conf files are whole numbers (that's all the parser
will accept).

How large should we allow them to be?

Slightly easier question; What are the largest numbers used now?  I
cannot answer that because I can't see everyones conf files.

===> People: could you tell me the large numbers appearing in your
conf files?  It would also be nice to know which parameters are being
set to these large numbers.

I found all the large decimal numbers in pluto conf files in our test
suite.  I defined "large" as five or more digits.

	grep -n '\<[0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9]*\>'

All but one were milliseconds for retransmit-interval, all 10-25
seconds -- 5 digit numbers.

The one exception:
pluto/pfkeyv2-replay-window-freebsd/ipsec.conf:37:	replay-window=4294967294 # UINT32_MAX - 1
This seems pretty arbitrary.

How large are the numbers you use (or imagine using)?

Numerical parameters are currently stored as uintmax_t.  I've already
posted why this type should not be used.  This sample suggests that
32-bit numbers should be enough.  So "unsigned long" should be fine.  (C 
guarantees the unsigned long is 32 bits or more.)

If 32 bits is considered too limiting, 64 should be used.  The
portable way of specifying this is uint64_t.

(I don't really like C unsigned types because overflow is well-defined
to be a surprisinig result.  But that's C for you.  Using unsigned
puts a burden on the program to detect overflow.  There is evidence
that we're not perfect at that.)

Complete collection:

pluto/ikev2-x509-26-criticalflag/east.conf:28:	retransmit-interval=15000
pluto/ikev2-x509-26-criticalflag/west.conf:28:	retransmit-interval=15000
pluto/ikev2-labeled-ipsec-06-reauth-ike-acquire/west.conf:15:	retransmit-interval=10000 # 10s
pluto/ikev2-x509-27-criticalflag-clientAuth/east.conf:28:	retransmit-interval=15000
pluto/ikev2-x509-27-criticalflag-clientAuth/west.conf:28:	retransmit-interval=15000
pluto/ikev2-labeled-ipsec-06-rekey-ike-acquire/west.conf:15:	retransmit-interval=10000 # 10s
pluto/pfkeyv2-replay-window-freebsd/ipsec.conf:37:	replay-window=4294967294 # UINT32_MAX - 1
pluto/xauth-pluto-20-pam-timeout/road.conf:17:	retransmit-interval=25000
pluto/ikev2-60-pam/road.conf:14:	retransmit-interval=25000
pluto/ikev2-60-pam/road.conf:18:	retransmit-interval=25000
pluto/ikev2-frag-03-retrans/east.conf:20:	retransmit-interval=15000
pluto/ikev2-frag-03-retrans/west.conf:21:	retransmit-interval=15000
pluto/ikev2-child-rekey-08-deadlock/ipsec.conf:32:	retransmit-interval=14000
pluto/interop-ikev1-strongswan-x509-aggr-13-san-dn-match-responder/west.conf:28:	retransmit-interval=20000 #strongswan may take time to fetch the crl
pluto/interop-ikev2-strongswan-39-fragmentation-aes-gcm/west.conf:23:	retransmit-interval=15000
pluto/ikev2-x509-02-eku/east.conf:28:	retransmit-interval=15000
pluto/ikev2-x509-02-eku/west.conf:28:	retransmit-interval=15000
pluto/nss-cert-ocsp-03-bogus-uri-strict-ikev1/east.conf:33:	retransmit-interval=15000 # slow retransmits
pluto/nss-cert-ocsp-03-bogus-uri-strict-ikev1/west.conf:28:	retransmit-interval=15000 # slow retransmits

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