[Swan-dev] Libreswan Need Urgent Help with FATAL ERROR: bind( failed in find_raw_ifaces4()

Praveen Chavan prawin219 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 22 20:50:07 EEST 2022


I'm using the Libreswan 4.5 binary package to start 'pluto' on a linux
(RedHat based, customized version) machine. Moving to Binaries from source
to avoid unnecessary build requirements.

Pluto fails to start with error,

Aug 22 14:48:02.318450: *FATAL ERROR: bind(
<>) failed in find_raw_ifaces4()Address already in use*
(errno 98)
Aug 22 14:48:02.318478: ABORT: ASSERTION FAILED: nr_helper_threads == 0
(free_server_helper_jobs() +595 programs/pluto/server_pool.c)

However, when using the source rpm, locally built binaries instead, this
error can be resolved with following change,

        /* in pluto/kernel_linux.c */
        if (0){
                ip_address any = address_any(&ipv4_info);
                ip_endpoint any_ep = endpoint(&any, pluto_port);
                ip_sockaddr any_sa;
                size_t any_sa_size = endpoint_to_sockaddr(&any_ep, &any_sa);
                if (bind(master_sock, &any_sa.sa, any_sa_size) < 0)
                        EXIT_LOG_ERRNO(errno, "bind() failed in %s()",

I would like to know how one can achieve the same using the binary packages
directly. I came across '--interface' and '--listen' options but didn't

Assistance would be truly appreciated.

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