[Swan-dev] Heads up KVM tweaks

Andrew Cagney andrew.cagney at gmail.com
Fri Oct 29 17:26:18 UTC 2021


I made the below tweaks to how KVMs are built.  It also should
automatically update (...), and building should be faster overall.
If you're not already setting KVM_WORKERS in Makefile.inc.local,
there's now another incentive - the heuristic is #cores/2.


kvm: use KVM_WORKERS as heuristic for beefing up build machine

    (KVM_WORKERS defaults to 1)

    Memory: change 2048 to
    (a test requires 2*512mb VMs * $(KVM_WORKERS))

    CPU: change 2 to
    which means the default is 1 (the heuristic is #cores/2 so
    that assumed a 4-core machine).

    Make: use the #CPUs+1 heuristic vis:
      -j $(KVM_WORKERS)+1

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