[Swan-dev] And then there were three (heads up KVM changes coming)

Andrew Cagney andrew.cagney at gmail.com
Thu Nov 25 21:42:34 EET 2021

FYI, I just pushed changes so that:
  make kvm-netbsd
creates an i386 NetBSD domain (credit to Ravi Teja for figuring out the

With a bit of guess work and
https://libreswan.org/wiki/Building_and_installing_from_source#NetBSD_9 it
can be used to build Libreswan.  The next step is to automate that process.

While doing this I'm planning on addressing some of the inconsistencies
between how NetBSD, OpenBSD and Linux (Fedora) VMs are named and built.
For instance:

-> for base domains we have netbsd-base and openbsd-base yet swanf32base
I'm planning on renaming swanf32base to fedora-base (my other thought was
linux-base), and adding fedora-upgraded and fedora-transmogrified
(implementing those using snapshots isn't proving robust).
We'll then also get netbsd-upgraded and netbsd-transmogrified.
While I struggle to see value in having two linux distros integrated into
the test framework proper (they all run the Linux kernel and fight the same
systemd) I can see value in having a way to spin up debian and fedora VMs -
hence make room for debian-base

- and for building we have just "build"
I'm planning on calling the NetBSD build VM, .... let me see, something
intuitive ....hmm, what about "netbsd", "netbsd-build" is probably a little
But this leads us into a discussion about renaming "build" to "linux" or
"fedora" (making space for "debian").  Hmm.

- and for testing we have (Linux) east, ..., openbsde, ...
I guess I call netbsd netbsde (or perhaps netbsd-east, or perhaps just
netbsd and put it on all networks) et.al., for now (this is yet another
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