[Swan-dev] show state list all timers

Andrew Cagney andrew.cagney at gmail.com
Mon May 24 18:38:32 UTC 2021

Heads up, I'm planning on changing the show state command so that it lists
more (perhaps all) timers.  The reason is simple, I'd like the IKE SA
initiator to show both the retransmit (if it is happening) and replace
timeouts.  For instance, it might show something like:

   "ikev2" #1: sent IKE AUTH request; RETRANSMIT in 1s; REPLACE in 20s

and once established it might show:

   "ikev2" #1: established IKE SA; REKEY in 1h; DISCARD in 1.5h
   "ikev2" #2: established CHILD SA; REKEY in 1m; REPLACE in 2m
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