[Swan-dev] leaks and cores

Andrew Cagney andrew.cagney at gmail.com
Sun May 16 15:07:06 UTC 2021

On Wed, 3 Mar 2021 at 09:43, Andrew Cagney <andrew.cagney at gmail.com> wrote:
> Another update:
> We're down to:
> Mar  2 15:56:47.592566: leak: heap logger, item size: 64
> Mar  2 15:56:47.592656: leak: heap logger prefix, item size: 26
> Mar  2 15:56:47.592737: leak: DH shared secret, item size: 104
> Mar  2 15:56:47.592807: leak: DH crypto, item size: 384
> Mar  2 15:56:47.592876: leak: dh, item size: 40
> Mar  2 15:56:47.592937: leak: calc_dh_local_secret, item size: 32
> Mar  2 15:56:47.593002: leak detective found 6 leaks, total size 650
> but it only happens occasionally so presumably a race between revival,
> crypto helpers, and the main thread during shutdown

Looks like a leak in an IKEv1's background task that gets scheduled during
a shutdown.
(Since IKEv2 will need background jobs working for fragmentation this

Having post-mortem run refcnt.awk helped a lot:
++ awk -f /testing/utils/refcnt.awk /tmp/pluto.log
+ERROR: : '0x7fb8c2480fb8' has count 1
+2780: | newref clone logger at 0x7fb8c2480fb8(0->1) (in submit_task() at

it let me track down:

- shutting down (at this point, think of this more as a suggestion than
actual action)

- an IKEv1 state schedules a job (compute final DH) and puts it into the
| job 4 helper 0 #2 DH shared secret (dh): added to pending queue
| #2 is idle; has background offloaded task

- shutdown stops the helper threads (task still on queue)
| one helper thread exited, 0 remaining
| scheduling callback all helper threads stopped (#0)

- states deleted
| FOR_EACH_STATE_... in foreach_state_by_connection_func_delete
"ikev2-westnet-eastnet-x509-cr" #2: deleting state (STATE_MAIN_R2) aged
0.117802s and NOT sending notification

normally deleting the state orphans the job; leaving it to the helper
threads to clean up, except here the helper threads aren't running

several options come to mind:
- once the states are gone, free any still-out-standing jobs
- bravely trust locked refcounts and use that to detect when a job can be
deleted ...
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