[Swan-dev] help figuring out test host startup details

Vukašin Karadžić vukasin.karadzic at gmail.com
Wed Jun 30 21:35:31 UTC 2021

Hi all,

Although it has been there from the time test was first added, just now I
am paying attention to the fact that in ikev2-redirect-02-auth [1] on the
startup the east has an unnecessary dummy addition and then removal of same
connection [2], only to have the connection then added again (triggered via
and have test continue to run as intended.
"002 "westnet-eastnet-ipv4-psk-ikev2": terminating SAs using this
connection" in [2] comes from the 'real' connection addition; east deletes
the previously dummy added one in order to add the real one.
I can't figure out why is this dummy addition happening. It's not happening
on west, and it's not happening in other tests as well (eg.
ikev2-redirect-01-*, or plain ikev2-[01,...] tests). The first difference
in east pluto log files between in ikev2-redirect-02-auth and for example
ikev2-05-basic-psk appears in the first "whack: ..." log line.

In ikev2-redirect-02-auth I have:
| whack: start: delete 'westnet-eastnet-ipv4-psk-ikev2' (fd at 0x560b99591798)
right after which the dummy addition is triggered.

In ikev2-05-basic-psk I have:
| whack: start: listen (fd at 0x556d255e3848)

Why is the first whack message east receives in ikev2-redirect-02-auth
containing whack_delete, while at the same time in other tests the first
whack message east receives is whack_listen? eastinit.sh is the same in
both cases.


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