[Swan-dev] kvm snapshots

Andrew Cagney andrew.cagney at gmail.com
Mon Jan 25 20:48:27 UTC 2021

I'm looking at kvm snapshots as a way to further speed up testing -
think sub-second domain creation.  However there's a catch:

- the snapshot can't contain anything strange, such as /testing, mounted

This means that /testing needs to be "manually" mounted after the
domain is created.  I can see several ways to do this:

- like for namespaces, have swan-prep do this; problem is that
swan-prep lives on /testing so it would need to be copied to / during
the build/install (and edits would require a re-install)
- hide this in kvmrunner.py; problem is is that booting and logging
into domains will, mysteriously not have /testing mounted and
swan-prep won't work by default


(oh, and I'd like to not mount /source by default on test domains)

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