[Swan-dev] heads up tests switching to f35 from f32; build->fedora-build

Andrew Cagney andrew.cagney at gmail.com
Wed Dec 1 04:25:29 EET 2021

It's down to 6 fails (slightly more if I include some tests that have
things to fix such as seccomm).
as well as switching east, west, to f35, there's been some re-org of how
domains are built:

- Fedora, NetBSD, and OpenBSD use the same make rules when being built
  the consequence is that "build" is no more, instead there's
"fedora-build", "netbsd-build", ...
  (there are also some hopefully obvious hooks for adding debian)
  I'll need to add some hooks to make this easier.

- when building, Fedora caches its RPMs making scratch rebuilds quicker and

- nic is cloned from fedora-build (bringing it in to line with namespaces)
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