[Swan-dev] {left,right}rsasigkey2=...

Andrew Cagney andrew.cagney at gmail.com
Tue Sep 22 20:14:34 UTC 2020

Regardless of the end, a line like:
will always add public keys like:
   (generated?) leftid / leftrsasigkey
   (generated?) leftid / leftrsasigkey2
to the list of raw public keys.  Left will then try all raw public keys
matching <id>.

The problem is that the above aren't tied to "left".  Any connection,
provided the id matches, will use the raw public key; and sometimes use the
wrong one.

Are there any ideas on how to extract us from this quirky mis-feature?  For
- let ipsec.secrets define raw public keys?
- come up with a syntax that makes it clear that it is shared?
- tie it to the connection's end somehow?
- drop it?
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