[Swan-dev] does basic-pluto-01-nosecrets have a usecase?

Antony Antony antony at phenome.org
Thu Sep 17 16:42:13 UTC 2020

On Wed, Sep 16, 2020 at 10:35:07PM -0400, Andrew Cagney wrote:
> First, I believe ikev2-03-basic-rawrsa-ckaid is fixed.  It uses the CKAID to
> directly locate the raw key in the NSS DB.  To confirm it is working, look in
> west.pluto.log for "CKAID".

add an empty file ipsec.secrets in the test directory.
or rm /etc/ipsec.secrets explictly in the initscripts.

also add  "cat /etc/ipsec.secrets" in the *tinit.sh as saftey check.

We have been back and forth fixed and wip on this issue many times, may be 
due the confusion ipsec.secrets is copied from 
baseconfig/<hostname>/etc/ipsec.secrets. To avoid have an empty file in the 
test directory.

> The use case for this test is pretty easy:
> - generate the raw key
> - use certutil to find the ckaid
> - add ...ckaid= to the config file
> (how does the other end get the pubkey?)
> So what's the use case for basic-pluto-01-nosecrets?  Why would an end use this
> when they can specify the raw key using the ckaid?  And what sequence of
> commands would be used to configure it?
> For what it is worth, the fix means either a double lookup at "up" time:
> -> using @west find the raw rsapubkey
> -> using the raw rsapubkey's ckaid find the raw private key in the NSS DB
> or, like basic-pluto-01, an attempt to load the raw key during "add" time

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