[Swan-dev] leftikeport= does not set tcp port

Paul Wouters paul at nohats.ca
Wed Sep 16 02:48:33 UTC 2020

Some changes were made a while ago to the TCP port handling. You no
longer specify a port in 'config setup'. Instead there is
listen-tcp=yes|no and listen-udp=yes|no

For UDP, you can set custom ikeport's using leftikeport= and

For TCP, you can set the port to connect to using tcp-remoteport=

But for the responder/server, we have no way now to specify a
non-default TCP port. Current default is 4500.

Should leftikeport/rightikeport be changed to also set the TCP
port? Or should we introduce a lefttcpikeport= and righttcpikeport= ?

Or should we add a config setup tcp-ports= option that defaults to 4500
but can be set to like 4500,443 ?

Note that we currently do not bind connections to ports. The connections
might open the specific port, but than any connection can use it. So
perhaps tcp-ports= is the easiest and cleanest solution ?


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