[Swan-dev] test domain interface changes

Paul Wouters paul at nohats.ca
Sat Sep 5 23:47:52 UTC 2020

On Fri, 4 Sep 2020, Andrew Cagney wrote:

>>>  this makes getting to the real domain and host much exier (OpenBSD
>>> is already using swandefault when NFS mounting /testing)
>> But then eth0 is never used in tests ?
> OpenBSD is using its dedicated <swandefault> interface to directly NFS
> mount /testing.  It doesn't need nic.  We think it will work when
> there are multiple instances of obsde et.al.
> I don't see why we shouldn't make this pervasive, and use <interface>0
> so it is memorable.

We removed the extra unused interfaces a few years ago that were in Those were eth2 and could be used but never were. Except
on nic where it can hook up to the real internet.

>> But we want east and west with eth0 in the same network and with eth1 not on the same network ?
> So don't enable the network.  It's one thing to have the network
> wired, another to have it enabled.

I don't see the gain of breaking 700 test cases and their output just
for using a different interface in openbsd. Just let openbsd use a
new named interface ?

> 'source network' testing/libvirt/vm/$d | sed -e "s/[^']*'//" -e
> "s/'.*//") ; done
> east 192_0_2 192_1_2
> nic 192_1_2 192_1_3 swandefault
> north 192_0_3 192_1_3
> openbsde 192_1_2 192_0_2 swandefault
> openbsdw 192_1_2 192_0_1 swandefault
> road 192_1_3
> west 192_0_1 192_1_2
> we could at least have east, west, and nic use the same interface for
> 192_1_2, for instance:
> 0: swandefault
> 1: 192_1_2
> 2: the other interface
> 3: and more random interfaces

But almost no test would use eth0. I'd rather stick to eth0 for machines
with "one real" interface, like road and north, and eth0 and eth1 for
west and east that have to have "two real" interfaces.

It still seems to be mostly downsides to this proposal.


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