[Swan-dev] helper threads can log to whack

Andrew Cagney andrew.cagney at gmail.com
Fri Mar 13 01:55:13 UTC 2020

I figure it is worth spelling out one of the crypto offload changes.
Helper threads are able to generate messages such as:

  002 "westnet-eastnet-ikev2" #1: no Certificate Authority in NSS
Certificate DB! certificate payloads discarded

and have them sent to both whack's console, and the log file.
Previously, helper threads were limited: messages could only go to the
log file, and they lacked the log prefix ("westnet-eastnet-ikev2" #1).

Two things make it work:
- the helper thread is passed a 'struct logger' which contains the
whackfd and the log prefix (as text)
- the helper thread then uses log_message(RC_LOG, logger, ....) and
not libreswan_log() to generate log messages


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