[Swan-dev] Namespace based testing for Ubuntu/Debian mostly working now

Paul Wouters paul at nohats.ca
Wed Jun 3 22:56:31 UTC 2020


I pushed some changes to make namespace based libreswan testing work on
Ubuntu (and presumably Debian).


Mostly related to hardcoded paths of binaries. The new ones work on all
systems that I could test (centos8/fedora32/ubuntu)

I changed some sanitizers to deal with the /var/lib/ipsec/nss vs /etc/ipsec.d directory.

The only issue left in the basic test cases is this:

-       dir fwd priority 2084814 ptype main
+       dir fwd priority 2084814

I'm not sure what is causing this? A different kernel version? The
Unbuntu 18.04 system I used has 4.15.0-101-generic. Or is it a difference
in iproute command version?

Obviously, we could sanitize this away, but I feel it might be important
to leave there, if we ever are going to use multiple xfrm tables that
are not "main".


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