[Swan-dev] reggression testcase ikev2-connswitch-01

Antony Antony antony at phenome.org
Fri Jan 24 10:57:09 UTC 2020

while testing xfrmi Tuomo noticed reggression in connswitch code.
We lookd further, and found the issue in test cases too, 
ikev2-connswitch-01.  Using git bisect:
# first bad commit: [c3ac240cb62e032b3efaebe8cfec79de5ed9ccf2] IKEv2:
# !POLICY_ALLOW_NO_SAN was only checked on initiator, not responder

To test this, currently in master you should revert two commits in specific; to avoid git revert conflict.
git revert 2517cc59f7b3ec69a8d9
git revert c3ac240cb62e0

I didn't yet figure out why c3ac240cb is necessary. So I am not reverting 
this commit in master yet.

good testrun
bad testrun

git bisect log
git bisect start
# good: [8bf69bdfb3f128d5cded4117778e8265ac5f6035] testing: remove 3 TESTLIST cases that were lost
git bisect good 8bf69bdfb3f128d5cded4117778e8265ac5f6035
# bad: [c97100f98a59eb01e47101dc976fff46e1a74a55] testing: delete sanitizers/ip-xfrm-compress.sed, guest-ip-*.sed make it redundant
git bisect bad c97100f98a59eb01e47101dc976fff46e1a74a55
# bad: [e9df225627874eb7d8f62d2718b69e5b3787225b] crypto: cleanup cert debug-log lines
git bisect bad e9df225627874eb7d8f62d2718b69e5b3787225b
# bad: [b96dd91b05cec7469f556b94fd2f7e0432a6c4ed] testing: added ikev2-x509-29-selfsigned
git bisect bad b96dd91b05cec7469f556b94fd2f7e0432a6c4ed
# good: [a08acd71f46ee6151249fb24439c2802f6d0c89b] testing: nsrun: suppress logging root's command to .bash_history
git bisect good a08acd71f46ee6151249fb24439c2802f6d0c89b
# bad: [6e5f0fa4c36379ed9201e2e6ac120cfcf3c113cf] testing: fixup ikev2-x509-01-nss-debug
git bisect bad 6e5f0fa4c36379ed9201e2e6ac120cfcf3c113cf
# bad: [c3ac240cb62e032b3efaebe8cfec79de5ed9ccf2] IKEv2: !POLICY_ALLOW_NO_SAN was only checked on initiator, not responder
git bisect bad c3ac240cb62e032b3efaebe8cfec79de5ed9ccf2
# good: [b438a635f64ed532a867ff43d38ca6123d910ea2] testing: fixup ikev1-x509-20-id-any-responder
git bisect good b438a635f64ed532a867ff43d38ca6123d910ea2
# first bad commit: [c3ac240cb62e032b3efaebe8cfec79de5ed9ccf2] IKEv2: 
# !POLICY_ALLOW_NO_SAN was only checked on initiator, not responder

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