[Swan-dev] State of docker testsuite

Wolfgang Nothdurft wolfgang at linogate.de
Fri Aug 7 07:13:30 UTC 2020

I'm trying to get into the testsuite to maybe create some testcases for 
xfrmi and fwmwark.

At the moment it won't run out of the box and before I invest more time 
it might be easier to take an old machine and set up fedora with kvm.

Problems I had with the docker till now:

PWD is not set by default, so I had to add it to the make command:

sudo make PWD=$(pwd) DISTRO=fedora DISTRO_REL=32 docker-image

By default the swanbase is build with podman:

DOCKER_CMD ?= sudo podman

but the swantest script uses docker (../../utils/swantest --docker), so 
I had to push the swanbase container from podman to docker manually.

sudo podman push localhost/swanbase:latest docker-daemon:swanbase:latest

I had to add some missing packets to Dockerfile-fedora-min-packages 
(maybe a fedora 32 problem)

RUN dnf install -y tcpdump iptables iputils nss-tools

but it seems that there are still problems, because all tests failed.

At the moment the container missing their ip adresses.

--- east.console.txt    2020-08-05 06:46:17.219696311 -0400
+++ OUTPUT/east.console.txt     2020-08-07 02:53:52.051126067 -0400
@@ -13,10 +13,6 @@
  000 interface lo UDP
  000 interface lo UDP
-000 interface eth0 UDP
-000 interface eth0 UDP
-000 interface eth1 UDP
-000 interface eth1 UDP

Does it make sense to get deeper or is the state of the docker testsuite 
broken and not recommend.


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