[Swan-dev] IKEv2 responder rekey code is fooed

Antony Antony antony at phenome.org
Sun Apr 19 10:56:11 UTC 2020

Dear fellow developers.

I just noticed the IKEv2 IPsec rekey responder code has regressed beyond 
recognition! too many changes after the main regression:) While trying to 
figure out I notice logging and debugging lines changed too (possibly old) 
some with STATE_ and other without the prefix STATE_.  This make it hard to 
follow the regression. 

I suggest we take pause and retrace the steps. Also changing IKEv2 STATE_ is 
, as I recollect, discontented issue. And I feel change has been sneaked in.  
Also use of some with STATE_ and others without "STATE_" is annoying.

Main issue: rekey regression seems to started with 8abf1c415a.
currently the pattern is 

child state #3: V2_CREATE_R0(established IKE SA) => V2_IPSEC_R(established CHILD SA)

that state transition for #3 seems wrong, it is not re-key transition. I 
can't be sure because we have many log changes etc. But one thing is sure 
#master is taking same weird code path for IKEv2 rekey responder.

Before this regression: state transition appears to do the right thing.

rekey seems to follow what is expected.

child state #3: V2_CREATE_R0(established IKE SA) => V2_REKEY_CHILD_R0(established IKE SA)

child state #3: V2_REKEY_CHILD_R0(established IKE SA) => 
V2_IPSEC_R(established CHILD SA)

2. log/debug started using short names and mixing them with long state 
names.  This should not happen! Please keep the state names long and 

switching IKEv2 MD.ST from CHILD #3 V2_CREATE_R0 to CHILD #3 V2_CREATE_R0 

In some other parts of the log it is full name.

please keep the full name.

"east" #4 complete v2 state STATE_V2_REKEY_CHILD_R0 transition with 
STF_SUSPEND suspended from complete_v2_state_transition:3399 

NOTE: because of changes to state names since 8abf1c415a  in master you will 

Apr 18 23:52:26.316312: | child state #3: V2_NEW_CHILD_R0(established IKE SA) => V2_IPSEC_R(established CHILD SA)

It should be something like STATE_V2_REKEY_CHILD_R0 => STATE_V2_IPSEC_R(established)


PS: at first glance initiator code seems ok. Again hard to say becuase of 
log changes.

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