[Swan-dev] weird sanitization in idtoa()+dntoa()

Andrew Cagney andrew.cagney at gmail.com
Mon Sep 9 15:33:04 UTC 2019

On Sun, 8 Sep 2019 at 14:02, Andrew Cagney <andrew.cagney at gmail.com> wrote:

> First, does anyone know a way to first create a DN containing !isprint()
> and then get it past NSS - pluto should only look at certs after the've
> been NSS approved and NSS could be rejecting bad DNs (anyone?) which could
> make the below largely academic.
> Now some background on DN/ID sanitizing.  I think things can be reduced to:
> %.*s, len, ptr - dumps a raw string into a buffer stopping at len or NUL -
> this is what "raw text" means in the below
> escape_metachar() replaces shell meta characters ('"...) with \NNN but
> leaves !isprint() alone
> sanitize_string() replaces !isprint() with \NNN
> dntoa() - dumps the DN as raw text
> str_dn() - calls dntoa() and then calls sanitize_string()
> idtoa() (and str_id) - dumps an ID into a buffer; but then scribbles on
> the result replacing !isprint() with '?'; since it calls dntoa() it applies
> to the raw DN
> jam_id_escaped (it was called something else before): calls idtoa() so
> !isprint()->''?' and then escape_metachar() so '$... -> \.
> hopefully I've got this right (and I've managed to spread the confusion :-)
> So how is it used?
> First there's logging.   Here I don't think it matters (just as long as
> !isprint() is sanitized).
> For no obvious reason we've got idtoa() using '?' and str_dn() using \NNN
> (like sanitize_string()) - so I figure changing everything to the \NNN is
> harmless.
> Next there's shell variables and here's where things get weird:
> - .._DN='...': the code calls dntoa()+escape_metachar() which means that
> while shell metachars are escaped !isprint() is not - so, in theory the
> shell variable could contain escape characters ...
> - ..._ID='...': the code calls jam_id_escaped() which means metachars get
> escaped and !isprint() becomes '?' - the shell variable doesn't match the
> content
It turns out that ever since 0c9e7831570fbe1c641df16baf51446b55e63a7e in
'13, escaped-metachars have been printed as (\t):
instead of:
which strongly suggests that either:
- the escaping isn't happening in the real world
- it is, but the shell variables are only ever printed (they can't
meaningfully be compared or used)

Anyone?  My guess is that it doesn't matter but !isprint() should probably
> be suppressed. The obvious choice is:
> - !isprint() -> \NNN but that will trip up on shell escapes - \ would end
> up being escaped :-)
> - metachar -> \meta - fine
> but remember !isprint() is off script so the choice is arbitrary.
> Thoughts?
> Andrew
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